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Cremation and Burial Services

Pets at EMP ServicesThe compassionate staff at Evergreen Memorial Park understands the profound sense of loss that one feels when their pet dies. It is our goal to provide understanding and comfort during this time of grief. The care and sensitivity exhibited by our staff is a primary part of our service. While we cannot bring your pet back, we can help you to create a beautiful and lasting memorial to honor your pet and to perpetuate their memory.

Cremation Services

In order to accommodate those who wish cremation as an alternative to burial, the cemetery maintains state of the art crematories on the cemetery grounds.

We offer a wide range of services including individual cremations as well as same-day cremation service, memorial urns and appointments to witness the cremation procedure.

Burial Services

Formal burial is arranged for much in the same way that one would arrange for the burial of a human member of the family. Burial arrangements can be made by telephoning our business office or by visiting the Cemetery. Your beloved pet will be treated with the utmost dignity and care.

Since personal preferences and financial circumstances vary, we offer a variety of options. Cost will vary, depending on your particular selections: burial plot location and size, casket type and size, monument type, etc.

Single in-ground burial lots are available 2’x4′ for smaller pets and 6’x8′ for horses and other large pets.

We will escort you through our beautiful and historic grounds to help you select a burial lot location. We will also show you a variety of affordable caskets, vaults and monuments. Appropriate arrangements for the date and time of burial are made with the help of our staff.  At least 48 hours notice is required for all pet burials.

Perpetual Care Areas

The Perpetual Care area has two sections, one for upright markers and one for flat/flush to the ground markers. The price includes the lot, perpetual care and opening and closing of the grave. Perpetual Care means that 15% of the lot price and 10% of the marker price is placed in a perpetual care trust fund, an irrevocable trust fund for the maintenance of the lot and cemetery, it protects the land against abandonment and will ensure the future maintenance of Evergreen Pet Cemetery part of Evergreen Memorial Park. Evergreen Memorial Park is merely the income beneficiary of the trust fund and is not permitted to withdraw any principal.

Once the lot and marker have been purchased no further payment for general maintenance is necessary and the lot owner will have peace of mind knowing that his or her lot will be a permanent part of Evergreen Memorial Park.

Approved flush stone or bronze markers may be placed on identified grave spaces after approval by EMP Management and all Perpetual Care fees and location or setting fees have been paid . No upright individual markers or upright objects are allowed in flat area. Above ground tombstone markers are allowed in upright section only.

Pasture Burial

Pasture burial where the “Buffalo Roam” for large pets is also available, however visits to these graves is not allowed due to safety reasons.

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We are here to help you plan a respectful and lasting tribute to your beloved companion.