(303) 674-7750 A Final Resting Place for Pets

Evergreen Pet Cemetery & Crematory

Evergreen Memorial Park, nestled in the mountains and surrounded by evergreens and wildlife.
A beautiful and serene resting place for your animal companion.

For Those who Love the Mountains…

img7Evergreen Memorial Park is a tribute to the pioneers of Evergreen and the Old West. Surrounded by mountains and evergreens, the 100 acre park is graced by rolling meadows, rustic cabins and a beautiful barn overlooking a reservoir, buffalo herd, fields and the foothills.

The Barn Chapel is an historic assembly of five old barns ranging from seventy to over one hundred years old. The barn features beautiful antique stained glass windows, large picture windows and warm interior.

Founders Ron and Carol Lewis strive to preserve the pioneer heritage of the Old West at Evergreen Memorial Park. They have collected historically important antiques and artifacts of the Old West which are displayed in the main building and throughout the property.

Much of the surrounding property is used as a private wild game ranch where you will find elk, deer and buffalo. The pride of the preserve is the buffalo herd including the iconic White Buffalo, the spiritual leader of the plains Indians.

Three restored stone and timber cabins in the Garden of the Pioneers serve as the property’s centerpieces… sentinel tributes to the early pioneers.


A Final Resting Place for Your Best Friend

At Evergreen Memorial Park, we understand how hard it is to say goodbye to a beloved companion and best friend. Our staff consists of dedicated people who understand the deep bond between animals and pets. For many of us, our pet is considered a member of the family and when that pet passes away, we feel a profound sense of grief.

To help alleviate this grief, many people seek a way to create a beautiful and lasting memorial. Here at Evergreen Memorial Park, we offer several ways for you to honor your friend and to perpetuate their memory.

Whether you choose cremation at our on-site crematory or burial, please know that every consideration is made to handle your deceased pet in a respectful and caring manner.

Located in the foothills just west of Denver, Evergreen Memorial Park offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the peaks of the Continental Divide. Buffalo, elk and fallow deer roam the property and our historic barn and rustic outbuildings provide a warm setting.

Our Pet Cemetery is nestled in a quiet meadow overlooking the reservoir. All kinds of pets are memorialized here with tasteful markers providing a lasting tribute to your beloved companion.

Horse burial is available in the pasture or by identified section. Visitation is allowed in the cemetery twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Please note that pasture burial visitation is not allowed because of danger from buffalo.